Hey when you are using utorrents and you seed. Does it count as seeding if you seed 50% of it and then stop or do you have to constantly keep it on there seeding
Whatever you have seeded counts towards your ratio (which I assume is why you care). This includes when you are still downloading, and when you've finished the download and are strictly seeding.
If you're on a private tracker, part-seeding is generally looked down upon.
If you want to have a good ratio, I suggest you seed as much as possible. If you're downloading from a website that doesn't count your ratio (like tpb) you can stop seeding any time you want.
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On a related note, how does one become a leech?

You're known as a 'leecher' when you don't contribute to the site/community and just download without seeding/giving back.

EDIT: This is only generally applicable to people who are members of a private tracker sites such as What.CD, Waffles.FM, etc. IsoHunt, TPB, etc. don't really count.