Ok guys, so what's the deal with the Agile 7 Strings? These things look AMAZING, but they're extremely cheap. I've seen guitars of (what are displayed on screen as) same quality for thousands of dollars, so I'm wondering if they're really this good. Does anybody here own one?

Are they really this cheap or does it cost a bundle to ship them?

Thanks for the help!
I'd like to know more about these too. I've been thinking about venturing forth into the 7 string realm, and this looks like a ****ing beast for the money.
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Everybody that owns one, that I've seen, loves them to death. Yeah, that extra string just gives you so much more room for activities! haha
this is the best looking seven string I've seen under 700 bucks..sadly I dont own one,so i cant comment about their QC

I was looking at both of those, actually. Most of these Agile guitars look incredible, to be honest.
I dont own an agile 7 string but I own a douglas spad a very low end priced guitar but it certainly does not play like one. That was the greatest $100 i ever spent in my life. I could only imagine their top brand would be just amazing. I would recommend these 2 new 7 strings Kurt just released:

Those specs make it look amazing for only $499. You guys have nothing to lose because if anything happens to the guitar during shipping Kurt at Rondo will make it right by giving you a full refund if you decide to send it back or give you back some money should you decide to keep it. QC is UP there tho.

You guys are in luck. I ordered this guitar on Saturday I asked around in the 7 string thread and was told there is no better value. Once I get it I'll let you know how it feels, and maybe upload some clipsorz.
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