Hey there guys I'm rather new to this, so I'm just thinking my songs are probably going to be not as good.

Wrote all three the songs very basic, I didn't want to mix and match too much and this is what I came up with, will post the GP files a bit later, but I do have the midi files.

The songs are : Years, The sad part, Break
the sad part.mid
I liked them, I think I liked Break the most cause of the drums in it towards the end

Are these going to remain as instrumentals?
No, will be turning them into real recordings, have done the lyrics for them, it's just a matter of are they "good" enough. Those are the first three I've done, I still have seven that are uncompleted but will post them up as soon as they are done.

The thing is what I am concerned about is I don't want them to emulate another band, they need to be one of a kind, and if other people like them they can surely use them for a song or anything.