I'm having problems with this pedal.

I do not understand how to use it while using other pedals at the same time, including pressing them on and off.

For instance it tells you to set it for the highest input, so I calibrate it while my TS9 and volume boost is on. The problem is that when I take my TS9 and boost off to go back to a verse say, the NG is still acting as I have told it to so it thinks the pedals are still on, therefor my tone is nearly totally being cut out when no pedals are being used. If I calibrate without pedals on, then when I hit the boost for the solos the volume gets cut back big time.

What am I doing wrong?

Also I dont understand how to use 2 noise gates at once becasue getting them to work together is impossible for me. Also if the NG in the fx loop is best is there any point in also using one before the amp?

If you could point out the best way to use this pedal and what i'm doing wrong that would be great.

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I don't know how that Gate works specifically but here are some thoughts to move the discussion along (bump).

Instead of calibrating the Gate at the highest possible level and then also with pedals off how about just trying to mess with the 'attack' and 'threshold' somewhere in the middle like an average until you get a tone that is workable for both needs (verse/solo). I'm assuming it has parameters for things like attach and threshold.

People usually put noise gates/suppressors in front of the amp when they have a noisy guitar and in the loop when they have a noisy amp. Try it in both. Also, it is possibly you need a suppressor instead of a gate. There are differences.