Hi guys,

I'm having a guitar built for me by a friend of mine, but since I know almost nothing about pickups and such I need your advice. I'm going for a H-H setup, and I'd like to know which pickups I should get. I want the guitar to sound as versatile as possible, though I don't like pickups that put out too much treble.
I play through a Marshall JVM 210H, if that's of any importance.
Any hints regarding materials and such are welcome too, since I don't really know about that either.

tl;dr: What pickups should I get for my custom guitar, if I want it to sound as versatile as possible? And also; what are, according to you, the best wood materials for the neck and such?

Thanks in advance guys.
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Can't go wrong with the SD JB/Jazz combo: http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Seymour-Duncan-Hot-Rodded-Humbucker-Set-?sku=300030

Then have your builder install each with a on-on-on DPDT mini toggle: http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/DiMarzio-3Position-OnOnOn-DPDT-Mini-Switch?sku=424668
This will allow each pickup to be wired as Parallel, Series, or Split depending on the switch's position.

Then just use a basic 3 way blade or toggle switch and your guitar is now capable of 15 unique pickup configurations.

I personally like Mahogany bodies with Maple necks as it somewhat splits the difference between an LP and a Strat. I also really like walnut...not quite as warm as mahogany.
All right man, thanks for the advice, I'll certainly look into that, it looks damn interesting! Thanks
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For versatility i'd honestly reccomend H S H with a splitting option, as that just adds further combinations.

And I'd definately say look into the seymour jazz, but if you do decide to go H S H then check fender lace sensors and bare knuckles for more bite.


^ Thanks! Good to have as many options as possible to look into
Play the music, not the instrument.