Hi guys,

I own an acoustic Yamaha F310 but I think this applies to both acoustic & electric.

Sometimes I don't have a guitar stand with me, so I just lay my Yamaha on the sofa.

Right now I lay it with its face facing down because someone I trust told me too.

I'm just trying to make sure if it is better than face up because I think if it sits face down, the string tension can counter the force of the neck going back.

But now I've observed all the force is on the bridge on the body area. Will this be harmful to the guitar? If I face my guitar up the tuning pegs doesn't touch the sofa. Is this better?
Just shut up, your guitar isn't made of butter.

But, I always put my guitars face down, because if someone steps or sits on it, there is a slight chance that you can repair it, opposed to if you lay it down face up, in which case it will certainally die.
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Because I used to collect Gibson Les Pauls mostly I always if I had to lay them face down because the headstock/neck joint was a very week point and the headstock really took a lot of the weight because of the angle when you laid it on it's back. It didn't take much to snap the HS on an LP. Now I just do it out of habit but I still think it's better than laying a guitar face up rather than on it's back with the headstock supporting any weight at all.
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