This looks like a very versatile amp with great sounds, and I have just found one for £550! To buy or not? Can anyone who owns one comment?
It's a love hate thing 'round here, though I've not had much experience with it myself so i can't comment. Huuuuge versatility at the very least, and that's a great price. Play it, see what you think, I'd be very tempted.

EDIT: Basically that ^
What is it that people don't like about it? i played one before, and it was good but I was playing through a half broken cab so it was hard to tell...
^I can answer
I played it through a marshall 1960 cab
i played it 7 times i think

every time, i've been deceived. It's an extremely versatile amp
3 channels, great, and they each have 3 different warmths (green, yellow, red, red being the crunchiest)

clean: clean, actually so clean it sounds like you put rubbing alcohol on the sound, it's STERILE as hell, and even if you put it on the red channel, it'll start to distort, but remain very cold

crunch: the green crunch is barely crunchy, more like a crunchy clean. the red crunch isn't that crunchy with gain on max either, my mxr gt-od overdrive pedal has more gain than the red crunch channel

overdrive: too saturated for me, jumps from the still-clean-red-crunch to the too-distorted-green-overdrive, i play alternative rock, not iron maiden
I agree with the people above. You either love JVM's, or you don't.

I personally love them. I also find that they sound even better when you play a guitar with actives through it.
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Is it good for high gain, Dream theater style tone?

Probably. I've only played the fullstack version, but I could easily get good high gain sounds out of it with a few different guitars (specifically, Gibson Explorer, Gibson Flying V, and a Dean Dave Mustaine VMNTX).
its the marmite of the amp world
it does the high gain stuff well (and has an unusual voicing which im rather fond of)
but people want that crunchy marshall sound from it
which it doesnt do too well on
for £550 its a pretty good deal you could probably sell it on for £700
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Meh. It's ok. It's a good amp, but not really worth the price tag IMO. I found it to be a little thin sounding. would probably do dreamtheater just fine.

The model that is worth the most money is the 2 channel 50 watt.

Yes, it is great for Dream Theater. However, I recommend you get the 205 head or combo instead of the 410. It is a lot cheaper, and just as good. You don't need all of those extra channels, you are fine with just a clean/crunch and an OD channel.


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