Hi everyone, I am considering buying a new amp, and i noticed that some of the amps i was looking at had a knob on them labeled "presence", what exactly does this knob do? Thanx in advance for the enlightenment.
basically it controls how much of the really high frequencies your sound has
stuff above treble
essentially it just allows for abit more tone sculpting
I think someone said it's like. between mids and treble sorta thing.

I'm unsure of this, but to me that's how it seems on my amp
presence sort of adjusts the point at which the treble starts to "roll off" on one of my amps, meaning you can turn the treble down a long way and boost the presence and still get the required high end detail, or you can crank the treble and cut the presence a lot without getting ice-picky horribleness at higher volumes.

on another of my amps it just sort of... controls the upper frequencies just like any treble control, except a higher range of frequencies, when you've got the amp set to clean, and then if you turn on the distortion, the presence control acts almost like a "shape" control for the distortion, where if you turn it up to max you'll get a very sharp edged fuzzy character in the drive, but if you roll it back it'll be smoother, more like an overdrive pedal (it's a solid state amp )

i guess it depends on the amp - but generally just think of it as "higher treble" control, because it pretty much always works with those frequencies in some way or another.
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It controls the highs above the treble. In practice this means it controls the amount of 'sparkle' and how well you hear the pick attack.

I set it very high for cleans, and lower it as I add gain.
Thanx eveyone but, on an amp that doesent have a presence knob, how could you get the same effect(if it's at all possible)?