hey guys, I have a 2002 ibanez s370 dx and I would like to install the d tuna on it, but I have heard that it doesn't work well with ALL double lock trems. So anyone know if I will be good or not? the trem is the stock licensed floyd that came with it.
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apparently it only works with a flush mounted floyd rose. so, if your is floating, Sorry Charlie.

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i heard it only works on non recessed FR's so nope. not gonna work.
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The D-Tuna works on most Floyd Rose style bridges that are modeled after the Original Floyd Rose (i.e. low profile bridges are not compatible).

The bridge must also be either non-recessed (sitting on top of the guitar and not floating) or blocked so it's dive-only (and even then, you would probably have to route out some of the guitar body behind the bridge to fit the D-Tuna on a recessed Floyd Rose).
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