Bought the JamMan brand new to use with the AXE since the Standard doesn't have a looper, but I've only used it once or twice in the last month since receiving it. I'm GASing for a second 3/4 back cab to run the AXE in stereo with two guitar cabs so it is for sale. It will ship to you in plastic wrap, in box, with manual, and adapter - just as I received it. $170 shipped/pp'd

Also have some cables and other random stuff for sale:

- Three 25' guitar cables - $35 shipped/pp'd
- Several patch cables - $5 each + $5 for shipping
- 4 channel Crate mixer w/ box and all cables - $75 shipped/pp'd
- 3 space Gator rack bag - $60 shipped/pp'd
- Seymour Duncan acoustic pickup - $35 shipped/pp'd

Help me convert my mono AXE FX rig to stereo!
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