Hello everyone!

I'm recording a new metal song again, finally found time yay.
Well anyway with this post I've included a sample, drums+guitar.

I think the guitars lacks a bit of clarity though, doesn't it? Sounds rather bassy or something to me, could just be my speakers though...

Any tips on mixing this better?

Note: there's no bass guitar yet, just guitar+drums. Guitars are doubletracked and hardpanned though.


If anyone doesn't trust megaupload, I can put it on my profile as well later today.
It actually sounds pretty good. The drum and guitar parts compliment each other well throughout the phrases; neither part is overwhelming. The one suggestion I would make is to completely change the measure at 0:34. It's extremely unfitting and just sounds odd considering the genre of the song. Other than that, I like it; I look forward to hearing the final product.
Hahaha yeah that was a completely random thing. XD

I don't know, the guitars seems so bassy... Not?

I think I might do a retake for this little piece with a little less bass on the guitars and then add some real bass in, see how it goes!
The guitar part did have a heavy sound to it, but not so much that it made it seem like it was taking the bass' part. Plus, it's not necessarily bad that the guitar part has a heavy sound to it, you just have to make sure the bass part fits in with it if you're going to approach the guitar part like that.
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Well, if you are using a live guitar, just drop some of the bass/low frequencies. Any EQ on the recording software you are using works well too. Also, Mic position, if live, also does that. Closer is louder and a bit muddier. Further away picks up more sounds and much quieter. You could play around with that too.
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