Hi im looking into getting a new guitar and this time wanna get a set neck for the tone and for being able to tune differently.

What good set neck guitars are out there? I play metal, rock, prog, jazz and blues as well as some clean stuff so i need a guitar that can handle that. I wanna try to avoid les pauls but any other guitar seems interesting.

My price range is somewhere between 1500- 2000 dollars

got any ideas?
Whats stopping you from tuning the way you want now?
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So are you looking for a solid body or semi hollow? Also the Electric Guitar forum will be better at answering this question.
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PRS guitars

There are many.

Just go to a store and look around, if you spend that much on a guitar you should be able to know what you want.

But before you buy a new guitar, the obligatory "What's your amp?" - question.
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get a guitar used on craigslist.

for that money you can get both a nice american tele and a nice gibson sg standard and be able to nail the full spectrum of sounds...you may even have $ left over to snag a cheap hollowbody and then really have all the sounds

or get a used prs