ive started an electro band. we have got an electric guitar, a digital guitar and two tiny keyboards in the form of casio pt 1s through a kp3. my question is we want to have a big stage presence, we want to be noticed. and since im on keyboards i thought that i could make some sort of epic keyboard stand type thing to house my equipment. what do you guys think the best way to get stage presence would be?
Have every member come out of pods, like in Spinal Tap.

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Perform with your cock out

Also, this.
Not my thing but here's my take the first thing you all need is confidence, really show you're comfortable on the stage because the last thing anybody wants is a bunch of kids going beet red hiding behind their keyboards. Second thing is have fun, don't get all uptight or snobby or act like your musics the best thing ever, just relax and.. it almost pains me to say it but dance around and stuff if that's what you want your crowd to do, just get into it and have fun with the audience.