Hey UG, I was hoping someone could help me figure out how to get the Edge's lead guitar tone, specifically around :50 in this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIyFhTiyxNA&feature=fvst

I know he's really into delay and stuff, but is it possible to get a similar sound without all the pedals he uses?

I searched and found nothing btw, any help is appreciated

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If you really want an insight on the edge's tone, watch "It Might Get Loud". It's a documentary featuring The Edge, Jimmy Page, and Jack White.

He uses a whole bunch of pedals man, so it probably would be hard and costly to replicate his sound.

@ the :50 soundclip: yeah that seems to be a good mix of effects. You might want to try the GB&C thread.
No, it's not.


seriously though, pretty much everything he does revolves around his use of delay and reverb - it's simply not possible to get close to replicating that without the right effects.
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