I recognise the first bit too, but I couldn't tell you where from.
How'd you get that tone though?! I really like it!
that sounds like an upbeat version of dosed by the chillies to me, very similar chord pattern, just a bit faster, i don't think its too bigger deal tho'

EDIT: yeah, it sounds like a really small chord change Frusciante does on that song, no biggy
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Thanks, guys. You're right it does sound a little like Dosed. Isn't there maybe a Kooks song like it? At least that's what my first intention was...

@whoomit: I recorded it in one attempt just straight through my vox da5, into my laptop because I was in a hurry earlier. Used the Blues 1 setting. No effects. It's a neat little amp.
No, that's not it. But thanks. I was thinking that there's a song which is actually exactly like mine. At least the first part... But if not, even better.
I don't recognize it from anything. And I dunno about it being similar to Dosed...the chorus to Dosed is G-D-Em-C with a couple of suspends on a lead guitar on top of them if you wanna compare it to the chords you're playing. But it sounds great - expand it into something more!
Thanks guys! The Dosed chords are different to the ones I use. But then again, I didn't think it sounded like Dosed in the first place.
yes! thanks cham! that's the song I meant! But you're right it's not that similar at all.
Im not sure if its the progression, more your general guitar tone... really does remind me of the strokes Sounding nice though
thanks! It's not the progression, I just looked it up. But the tone is similar, your right. Thanks for your guess. You got it just right, man. You know that terrible feeling when something sounds so familiar to you, but you just can't remember the song it sounds like? And you always feel that close, as if it was just about to pop into your mind. Hate that. Thank you again!
ahah, i thought it was just me. i almost didnt post but im glad i did since it helped you out. whenever i think i copied something usually its something like that where it doesnt really sound like it but reminds me of it.