Hey all,

So I have been trying to sell/trade my Seymour Duncan SH-6 Distortion humbucker for a while now with no success.

I have been interested in a compressor lately, nothing fancy, just something to learn/fool around with and a guy is offering me a pretty new Boss CS-3 Compressor for the humbucker. I have not called him yet, he said he wanted to discuss the trade, but I think if its more than a 1 for 1 trade I will cancel.

What do you all think? I have 3 Boss pedals now in my amateur setup, and I do notice some tone suck (although at this stage in my playing I don't care as much because I am not gigging). Would this be a decent pedal for me to learn with?

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I bought on like new for $50, yes it's a good pedal, I really really really am glad I got mine. It really opens up your options, what I was really surprised about was how much I used it for Cleans.

That's my two cents, the trade is all up to you,

Just spoke to the guy, he really wants me to install the bucker so he can hear it -- I have no idea how to do so. He says he will swap the pedal for the humbucker + 20$ on my end, so I am not sure if its as sweet a deal as before.
Blackstar ID:15TVP
2001 MIA Strat (SD '59/Stock/CustomCustom)
Early 80s Fernandes The Revival '57
even trade...it might be a better deal. if you have to throw in $20...

up to you really...I mean if the compressor is something you will use...and you're not using the pickup now...the sake of practicality says do it.
Wow, twenty and the pup, I'd pass, cuz that'd be the equvilant of selling the pup for $30. Tell him if he doesn't like it to check e-bay, I found a used CS-3 for $40, and a used SH-6 for $40. Took me less than a minute of research.

You can haggle a straight trade out of dude, if not, you can get one on ebay for $40.

Asking you to install it is ridiculous. You can test that it's good by simply measuring the DC resistance.