Ok so the basics you need to know.

1) I am in the State of New York, so if you are not within this state then you really do not need to worry about the rest.

2) I am attending a college in the fall and there may be possible band members i may find there so do not feel like you are left out if i see them more.

3) To join you have to have a good sense of metal music, team work, and a general want to learn more and new things.

4) Metal is not the only thing i play and because of this my sound is not totally thrash or hard core its a mix between thrash power speed metal blues and neo classic metal.

So if you guys are intrested go to my utube page to see my skills and write me if you need or want to know anything more
Variety and passion to dominate all
i live in new jersey and im interested in starting a metalband. im a screamer and growler and my influences are slipknot, System of a down, bullet for my valentine and children of bodom