hey guys just wrote my newest song! please comment rate and subscribe and if you do sub, il sub back

let me know what you think of it id be very greeatful if you checked it out!

also C4C!

I liked it, it was a nice song. The progressions of the rhythm were solid, and the leads were okay. Nothing really to critique here besides the drums, the overheads were doing some pretty ridiculous patterns IMO, but eh. It was a pretty chill song overall. Needs some bass too though, don't believe I heard any.

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It was alright. The lead is way too scalular and I think that brought it down a bit. Timing was kinda off but I'm guessing thats the video. Rhythm was good though
rhythm is solid, just like what everyone here said already. however I agree 100 % with jktheman that the lead is way to solid, no chops just scale runs. the drums I thought were kinda strange, the high hat being way too loud and kinda drowning out alot of the lead. turn down the high hat, try to create a melody with the lead, maybe some bass? other than that the idea is good, you just need to refine it.

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