Quick question all: did a quick google search and saw nothing.

I have been playing my HT-5 a lot longer lately than I ever have been, and have been finally cranking the clean channel more and more and really warming up to it. By doing so, I have noticed the switches on my HT-5 that control the power/standby are getting warm to the touch, not really hot, but definitely warm. Is this an issue, or somewhat normal with this type of amp?

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it should be allright, the circuit is pretty close to everything, i've noticed a similar thing with the headphone output, if it get too much, you can always open the back up, as there is no fan in it
Tubes tend to get very warm when you crank the amp, especially for a long time. And since your Blackstar is only 5 watts, I guess it doesn't take much for the tube temperature to really peak.

So I guess it's not really an issue, unless something starts to smell. :p
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Nah, don't worry about it. My Blackheart gets bloody hot when cranked.

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That's perfectly normal for a tube amp, especially a small one where the heat isn't dissipated as thoroughly. You can check the tubes for redplating (exactly what it sounds like) if you're really worried, but that's very unlikely.