just wondering because one of them might be my next guitar.
What styles do you play?
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everything, just wondering what the differences are.
tele is twangier and brasher-sounding, with a jazzier neck pickup, strat is sweeter-sounding, with a bluesier neck pickup. tele's bridge pickup is warmer and hotter, strat bridge pickups can sound a bit thin if you're not careful.

you really need to try a bunch, once you do, it'll be pretty obvious what the differences are.
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i honestly think tele's are more versatile. you can really play anything from blues to rock to jazz to metal. I mean even the guy in slipknot plays a tele. I think strats lack alot in some area, whereas the tele all around is solid.
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Strats are used by rock stars and Teles are used by guys with cowboy hats

funny, the tele was designed for ease of construction and maintenance, with some existing ideas taken from fender's lap steel models, which made it "country friendly".. whereas the strat was specifically built for country, with a lot of input on the design coming from a famous country guitarist of the time (i can't remember who though- possibly merle travis?)

in short.. gtfo troll
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Strats are used by rock stars and Teles are used by guys with cowboy hats


Anyway, on topic, Teles are a bit brighter than Strats, especially on the bridge. Just play a couple in store, see which you like the most.
Check out Roy Buchanon... If you want to see what a Tele can really do... Had no interest in these guitars until i herd him... Now if Hendrix hadn't made it cool id burn my Strat! lol I kid, but seriously check him out..

My understanding of the differences was just a twangier country like sound with Tele, and a creamier (no Clapton pun there) cleaner sound with the Strat. Plus the middle Pick up on a Strat just screams Strat... Play one selected to the middle to hear the huge difference.
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What I tell people is that Teles have twang and Strats have those "quacky", wet 2nd and 4th positions.
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an HSS strat is more versatile than a tele, but i feel SSS strats don't do anything particularly well except blues, where as Telecasters have a hot bridge pickup suitable for hard rock, alternative, punk etc... and a very smooth neck pickup for jazz, blues, even rock solos if you like that type of sound.

Tele's have too much twang to play metal with. they get really squealy if you don't turn down the tone, which hinders the guitars ability to play metal riffs. If you don't mind having your gain at about 5 or 6 then it may still work.

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so you would go with an HSS Strat?
Also bear in mind that, while it is true that Jim Root (for example) from Slipknot uses a Tele, it is also true that it's a signature model with humbuckers in it. OVERALL the standard Tele's and Strats aren't your typical metal guitars.
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i definitely would because it can do high gain stuff better while still having the vintage strat sound on the other two single coils. however a tele is a good choice too.

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Honestly if you have to ask this question you need to get out of your house and go play one of each.

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