Ibanez TBX 150 half stack
Asking $350 obo.
Just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, US

Also selling A boss ML-2 and a Boss CS-2, willing to sell with amp.

I bought this amp in September of 2009, I have rarely had this thing turned up past 11 o'clock and have never had one problem with this amp. Great tone if you play metal. Selling because im in school and need the money, plus I don't need an amp this loud anymore. Both of my Boss pedals have hardly been used as well. Sorry for the picture quality I had to take these pics with my phone.

Boss ML-2-$60 negotiable
Boss CS-2-$60 negotiable

I cant find out how to put pics on this post but if someone could tell me how i can just do it under this one or i can email them too you.