I have a chance to be in a band in a few months, i used to be a rythem guitarist in a classic rock band, so i guess my playing is loose and my timing is terrible. i also have a hard time playing any sort of lead, and have a sloppy finger tone.

lets say i have 2 months to shape up.

i used to be able to do it, and i KNOW i can, as i once played a version of eruption live.

so i have to go from sloppy joe to metal guitarist in a few months .

i have a lot of *bad tone* days, and a fair few, days where i sound like ass.
i need to learn to be consistant, i need to learn finger speed and dexterity,

i need to be able to do this without losing interest

so guys, this is really important for me, and could be a time in my life where i stop playing guitar, and start being a guitarist.

any tips, or help in sorting myself out so i can be a metal guitarist.
To get a sense of timing, practise doing simple chord changes with different strumming styles, like 1 2 3 4 variations, on and off palm muting.

Practise doing more chord changes with opens E's (Or what ever tuning you are in) with gallops etc.

Sliding power chords. And improvising over jam tracks, anything else?
First, you need to get it into your brain that you are a guitarist, not a person who plays guitar. Second, go learn lots of metal songs or whatever genre you want, and just practice practice practice. That's really all there is to it. One little technique I use is: Start practicing something at a comfortable speed, and progressively increase speed of whatever it is you are practicing. Once you start having trouble gaining anymore speed, or you are just tired or whatever, just take a break, go get some chips, go jerk off, WHATEVER it doesn't matter what you do just take a break, let your brain evaluate the information your muscles have been processing.

Also, try various finger excercises. I believe your lack of finger tone is coming from poor coordination, as that was a significant problem with me when I started a few years ago. There are many different finger excercises and various warmup techniques that can help you improve your fingers, most of them are actually on the Lessons section on this website.

And for timing, use a metronome. Everyone says this, I know, but there's a reason people say, " Use a metronome." Because IT WORKS! You can also just play along with the record, which is imo the BEST way to improve timing with that particular song. But once you start gaining a sense of timing, it will start to apply itself to everything you play.

You could also try a different genre for a while, learn new chords and various techniques or whatever. I hope this helped
Don't make mistakes, Keep going over things again and again till you can get it perfect
It may be tedious but it works,
And i know you do it alot but don't be afraid to lern other genres other than metal
Good luck
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Find something you don't think you can play, and learn it. Overcoming obstacles can only help you improve and all that. I get that a lot from my drum teacher, and as hard as he makes it for me, it helps me become a better drummer. Do the same for guitar; do something that you don't think you can do. (As an added bonus you will be made up when you do it right for the first time).

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