yeah, i know im talking about two diferent pedals, diferent budgets etc...

but im not really in a gig live, just want a wah pedal to rock out in the studio and beat the crap out of it, but it has to sound better than my ex standard crybaby (IT SUCKED LIKE HELL!!).

long story short, i have the money to buy the clyde, but i just dont think it would be worth it since i dont really care if it is 100% acurate replica and stuff, i just want a pedal that:

- has a usuable sweep, clean it should do porn music very well, funky stuff, no harsh and fizz in the extreme positions of the sweep.

- it should do that voodoochild kinda thing, it must sound good with distorcion (Mid-Gain). again, i hate harsh and fizz in the wah, i dont want it to sound like im ripping velcro out of my speakers.

- i dont need all the fancy stuff, just a good sound, i will mod it to true bypass myself.

going into a vox ac30cc2 - bbpream - and a gibson les paul... what do you guys think? if the vox does the job good, i dont really need to spend the extra 100€ and i can buy lots of food. cant AB them since fulltone does not have a local dealer where i live...
Go halfway and get a Budda or something
Call me Cahum.

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hum, rob is using too much gain for my tastes....thats not what i would a wah for :x
Used Clydes aren't that expensive.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Feel free to express yours so I can make an informed judgement about how stupid you are.
^That. Also look into Teese stuff. RMC3 is da bomb. Both Teese and Fulltone wahs can be found used for around $160 if you look.
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