I want to tune my Schecter into C standard. Currently it is in D standard with D'Addario XL 0.11 - 0.49s.

I tried downtuning it and adjusting the Floyd as normal, but I found it wasn't possible for me to have it in C standard AND have the Floyd functioning normally (when I had it in C and pulled the Floyd back, the springs were fully compressed).

If I get some 0.12s would that solve the problem? Or is there anything else I would need.
You could try 12's, though I would have guessed 11's would do fine.

Maybe try adding or removing a spring? Depending on whether you need more tension or less. How many springs do you have in it at the moment? And in what arrangement? (E.G. 4 Parallel, 3 in an arrow shape etc...)
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it depends on your guitar's scale length.
mine's 25.5" and i use Beefy Slinkys (11-54)
on a 24.75" guitar (eg les paul) i'd recommend 12-56

you might want to tighten the screws at the back or add more springs if they're too slack.
d addario jazz medium 56 - 13 it has a wound 4th string not plain guage like the ernie ball not evern slinkys,

which basicly means it feels nicer and is easier to keep in tune on the low stuff. i use them for drop B and they actualy stay quite tight which gets rid of some of the flub u get from lower tunings.

but thats just what i use, i would say try both the ernie ball not even slinkys and the d addario jazz mediums and see which you prefer both are perfect for the tuning you want to use.
I'd use 12's or 13's
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12-56 is perfect for c standard. i use them on my floyd rose ibanez. the thicker strings will give you a louder, tighter sound.
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you can get away with it on 11's but 12's will probably be a better choice

What he said
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12-56 is perfect for c standard. i use them on my floyd rose ibanez. the thicker strings will give you a louder, tighter sound.

12's are too thin for me, the low strings especially. I get fair amounts of buzz when the strings are hitting the frets when vibrating. Maybe coz I use a thick pick or I strum hard. That's why I use 13 to 60 custom gauge (4th 5th and 6th from the Dunlop Zakk Wylde set, and 1st 2nd and 3rd from a Dean Markley 13's set.) They did not fit in the nut, so I had to do some DIY stuff.
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