I need some help with a few considerations I have for a new amp.

First: my current situation. I have a blackstar ht-5 head and a lopo 2x12 cab. A friend of mine expressed interest in jamming. He has a marshall jcm (i think), or something else that was rather large...I didn't get a good look, and a 4x12 cab.

Second: My concerns: Carrying the ht5 and cab back and forth between sessions, also my ability to hear myself while jamming with him. Are these valid concerns?

Third: My possible solutions: Buy a combo amp that is suitable for jamming and easier to transport. My options are as follows:

Bugera 333XL
Peavey XXX
B52 AT

I would prefer 2x12 of those, but would 1x12 be suitable? I've read a lot of good and bad on each of these amps and I'm just not sure what to do. Any help is greatly appreciated.

TLDR: I may need a new amp that is easier to transport, louder, and relatively cheap. Options are Bugera 333XL, Peavey XXX, B52 AT
a 112 can get plenty loud and more often than not...he's gonna have to turn down before you have to turn up.

i've played all those amps and they are good, but I love the B52 AT. poor man's mesa with loads more options for tone.
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Thanks for the input. I figured that'd be the situation and thanks for the heads up about the 112.

That's one for B52. Any other opinions?
I just did some searching on ebay and local guitar centers and I can't believe how hard to find the B52 is! I haven't found it after scouring 9,000 items on ebay...