I have a Lanikai acoustic electric tenor ukulele and ever since the day i got it (brand new) the pickup makes popping noises constantly when i play it. Im making the assumption that the pickup is very similar if not identical to a pickup someone would use on an acoustic guitar.

So, does anyone no how i can reduce/eliminate this problem? Thanks alot.

My ukulele is a Lanikai LU-21T.
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My ovation was doing that before, I replaced the battery and made sure all the internal wiring was not damaged and connected, I would recommend that as a first step. Mine popped on high frequencies mainly on the high e and b strings I believe.

If that doesn't help can you give any more details on the problem?
Ive just checked all the electronics and everything is fine. Ive figured out that the problem only occurs when the tone knob on the ukulele is turned anywhere from 1-10. When the tone is turned all the way down, there is no popping.
Sounds like something in the preamp, if it's when you turn your tone up, unless your speakers are that sensitive to high frequencies, but the fact that you say it's fine makes me think it's the preamp and not the pick up.

A quick affordable fix would be a pickup transducer but then you don't have the preamp capabilities. Such as http://www.amazon.com/Pickup-Transducer-Mandolin-Guitar-Ukulele/dp/B0017VQXKC

Another option would be I don't know how long you've had it, but contact whoever sold it to you provided you bought it new, especially if it was musicians friend or something, you should be able to get a replacement if it was a lemon as far as electronics go.

Another option would be depending on how savvy you are with electronics is to take the pre-amp a part make sure everything is wired well, but unless you have experience with wiring and electronics you may want to steer away from that and take it to your local shop and see what they have to say about it.