I just put several coats of watco teak oil on my current build. The last coat is still tacky after nearly 24 hours. Is this normal and should I just give it another day since it is humid or is there something I can do to get it to dry/cure/whatever?

You could try rubbing some acetone over the top to strip away some of the oil, you may have put too much on.
I sure hope it isn't tacky, I was planning on using the same exact stuff on my neck haha
Teak oil doesn't cure like some finishes. It soaks into the wood and makes the wood hard but the oil it's self stays oily. Sounds to me like you may have used too much oil all at once. You should be putting on a coat and letting is dry until it's not tacky and then you put a little more on. Try stripping the oil back with some dish soap and a little water. You don't want to soak the wood, just have a cloth that's damp enough to cut the oil but not soak into the wood. Give the guitar a good scrub, let it dry, and if it seems like it need it put another light coat of oil on. The key to using oil is that you only let it soak in for a couple minutes and then you wipe it off.
thanks for the help. I agree that I probably put too much on. I brought it in from the shed where it was curing and it seems that being out of the humidity is helping some. If it does not cure in a few days, I will give the soap a try.