I currently use D'Addario EXL110 gauge 10 guitar strings. They sound brilliant but dont seem to last long after my mates play them with dirty hands (grr). Any suggestions on keeping strings clean or making them last longer?
Have you tried coated strings? I use Elixirs and they last much longer than regular strings, I know some other companies make them too.
What's the difference in feel/appearence? Elixers look good but they're more expensive.. spose they last longer and are better quality.

Also D'Addario have brought out those EXP range of longer lasting strings.. are those any good?
wash your hands before playing, wipe down after. how often they need to be changed is based on how often you play.
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I find with coated strings the coating wears off after a week or so and you have flakes flying all over the place lol.
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Yes those EXP are very good. I used to use D'addario's but they are really bright so i started using Slinky's. Now i use went back to D'addario because EXP's
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Wipe them after playing.

Something so simple has eluded me. I never wipe me string and they never last long. Makes since to wipe your finger oils off the strings. What should someone put on the cloth when wiping them?
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Cool I'll give the EXPs a go. Im not a big fan of Ernie Balls.. I think its because I've had bad experiences with strings not knowing they were custom gauges..