So i played a Marshal MG15 at my school today at was expecting the worst.
However for its size and cost I found that it was very nice. It had a good drive channel (marshallish tone of course) and a useable clean, a good price for the money paid.

So i'm wondering for price and size comparitivly what is wrong with them
a big part of it is because of if you compare it to the prices of the spider, cube and vyper 15's i cost about £10 more but actually has a lot less features than all those amps. the vyper, cube and spider have loads of different models and effects whilst the mg has just 2 channels and reverb.
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they get a worse rep than they really deserve. they're not a great marshall by any means but they're definitely decent for higher-gain genres. fine for a starter amp, barely giggable but in a pinch it's all rock n' roll, right?
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Tbh like every other piece of equipment you don't know if you'll like it until you try it. It all down to opinion, when i first played a Line6 Spider III i thought it was terrible and it still is however that doesnt reflect what the spider IV is like and people should take this in about MG's some previous versions may sound crappy to some and now its on the 4th version of the MG? so you don't know until you try.
iv`e got a mg15cdr. i like it. its loud(according to the wife) good clean and distorted tone. for the price its a good little amp. saying that i am going to upgrade to something better.
Did you try searching MG on the forums here? I have a feeling you will find your answer as this has been discussed a thousand times before.
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...for the gigs im going to be playing its going to be 60% tone and 40% stage look, and I'd like the look of my rig to be able to back up its sound.

They sound nothing like the Marshall that found it's name years ago.

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