So I know there were originally four different versions of this album released (each a different color) and the band stated once the other three ran out there would only be one color produced. Anyone have any idea which color it is?
:s I donno about those colors, 'cause the band just states "red, yellow, green, and silver"
Yeah. Turquoise is a fancy way of saying blue, which is a bit like green. Lilac is a sort of purple, which is a bit red. Taupe is brown, and brown has yellow in it. Octamarine was made up by Terry Pratchett, which I can't quite reconcile with silver, because silver is gay.

Makes sense if you think about it.
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Turquoise, lilac, taupe and octarine. The full run will all be in octarine.

Good things I'm a graduate of Unseen University then
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Damn, 'cause I can't find silver anywhere, only green. Whatever you wanna call the colors, lol.