hey guys, yet another thread from me asking a question thats probably been answered loads of times.
anyway, ive been messing around with the pentatonic scale for a while and was thinking that there has to some order of notes that sounds better than others. like when i jam around with it i just sort of wing and hit notes, and it seems like there has to be a better, more ordered way to do things
Are you asking like what notes are better then others to hit that sound better to the ear then others?

well if you Play A Pentatonic its in the Key of A so just jam around with Chords in the Key of A and Scales in the Key of A and that should help.

Remember Good Aural Skills Help you know what you want!
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It all depends on the chord at hand and the direction your melody is coming from and going to. Ultimately, your ears tell you if the note was a good choice.
Oh yeah.

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alright thanks you guys confirmed what i was thinking that its all up to you to decide what sounds good. just making sure i wasnt making some mistake that would have to be fixed later
Any notes in the pentatonic scale will sound fine (as long as the chords behind it fit). The pentatonic scale doesn't have any half steps and has less notes overall, so it makes it almost impossible to hit "bad" notes.

Something that can spice up your playing is to target the chord tones of the particular chord behind your lead. In Am pentatonic, if the progression has a C chord in it, when it pops up, try emphasizing the notes C, D and E (C's major triad, because the C is major in the key of Am).

As far as the order of the notes your hitting, it doesn't really matter. That's all up to your taste.
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