Hey guys, first post here on UG. I am looking to buy a tube amp in the 400-600 dollar range in the future, and I am looking for opinions and suggestions. I play metal pretty much exclusively, bands would include anything from Metallica to Black Dahlia Murder, pretty much any metal. The amps that I have considered so far are:
Bugera 6262/6260
Bugera 333XL
B-52 ATX-100
Randall T2
Randall RT50H (A little out of my price range, however used on MF is 559)

I'm open to suggestions, these are just amps that I know people use for metal, in this price range. I am currently leaning towards the 6262, because it seems like the best choice for the type of music I play, and it is also the cheapest of the bunch.
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You should also consider the Blackstar HT-20, it can give great metal tones with a Tubescreamer or another overdrive.


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Love the whole B52 AT series. I have the discontinued 112. Perfect for the bands you mentioned. Heavy, clear, American- voiced. With Stellar cleans.

As for the Bugeras, some UGers love them. But almost all UGers will admit they have some serious reliability issues.

Don't have any experience with the Randalls so I can't help you there.
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Add the Peavey 6505+, Vypyr Tube 60, XXX, Ultra, Ultra Plus, VTM and Rockmaster to that list.
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I friggin love my 6262. It should nail those tones no problem and still give good cleans (if that's your thing)
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Add the Peavey 6505+, Vypyr Tube 60, XXX, Ultra, Ultra Plus, VTM and Rockmaster to that list.

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Thanks for the quick replies, great advice so far. I wish that I knew somewhere that carried the Bugera amps that I am interested in, because GC doesn't and all of my local music shops are tiny and hardly have anything in stock.

And what is the deal with the Peavey Vypyr amps? They seem kind of interesting, a tube modeling amp, are they all tube or hybrid?
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Does anybody else have any insight on this? I have read quite a bit about the Bugera amps and the B-52, how about the Randall amps that I listed, does anybody have any thoughts on them?