To me it kinda sounds like a mix between video game music, prog rock/metal and jazz must say its pretty awesome though xD
That was quite a bit of fun.
I must say that I have 2 main complaints.
1.) From bars 26-30, the triplet bass riff is overwhelming loud, as well as conflicting with the other voices. Simply removing it helps out the song quite a bit.

2.) The sudden start-stops/fade-outs. I know that is more of an expositional piece, and not an entire song, but the abrupt endings to sections are jarring at best.

Everything else quite tasty. The bar 32 section is ****ing fruitful as ****. Everything is very specifically set in place, with awesome results.
The section after has a TMV feel to it. It's quite, delusional. It's the music that comes a twisted acid trip.
I guess you could considered them to be 2 separate sections. Regardless, it's good stuff.
haha im not sure what f**** fruitful means but yeah i feel like there was a total drop between the two parts. I can see what you mean about it being like two different songs. I just couldnt figure out a good way to bridge the parts so i just put empty space haha