Hey guys,
So i entered a competition like thing, im doing three numbers, two of them im happy with but im not sure if ive chosen a good third song?
Ive chosen Air on the G string by Malmsteen, i wanna keep it close to the original, none of that upbeat metal stuff, but im just not sure if ill be discrimated against coz its a fairly easy piece.
What do you guys think? will the judges judge on the easiness or on how i play?
Thanks, ty.
If it's easy, PERFECT IT cuz they'll judge it hard.

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That depends on what kind of competition you've entered? You could play the 3rd movement to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata better than old Ludwig himself but it'd be no good in a surfing competition.

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Both points taken, thanks,so im guessing ill stick to it and just blow them away with awesomeness...hahaha