I have a presonus firebox connected to my laptop and can recored to studio one. I was wondering if there is a way i can record to studio one then get my recording to become tabbed out automatically into guitar pro. then i can go and edit what i need in the tab. I'm just trying to find a good way to document riffs and licks i think of and then create the rest of the song, without having to make the timing and rhythm. Thank You.
Not unless you have a midi-guitar (assuming you're talking about guitar)
In theory yes, however, if I recall correctly, the midi input capabilities in GP are horrible, so you would be better off by recording the midi in some recording-software, doing some quantizing and importing the midi in guitar pro afterwards
I use studio one to record, i can export from that into wave. I was able to convert wave to midi with a program, then import midi to GP but guitar pro didn't tab anything right at all. I'm guessing most programs would do the same... maybe my wav to midi converter was just bad.
You can't convert wav to midi. WAV files are actual audio samples, MIDI files are just instructions for your computer to play sound. It'd be like converting a movie file into a movie script.

To send midi signals from your guitar, you can install a midi pickup (something like this http://www.zzounds.com/item--ROLGK3) but if you want to go to the trouble of recording things, you might aswell not worry about guitarpro in the first place and just record riffs and mess around with audio files.