hi I'm looking to buy a cheap guitar and do it up, the first thing I'm thinking of is a refinish, basically stripping off all the paint and varnishing it so it'll hopefully look like a 70's style strat, with lots of wood showing. does any one know of such a guitar that has nice wood underneath and doesn't cost more than £200? It will defenitely be used so that should keep the price down, cheers.
Most guitars that are $200 bucks, new are made of some kind of tonewood.
For $200 bucks, if you search enough, someone might put up a mahogany LP, or something.
Some Squires have Alder, which looks alright, but doesn't cause very much orgasms.
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you should be able to pick up a high end used squire, if you're lucky maybe on ebay you could find a used mim strat it may be abit beat up but it should be easier for you to work on