6 Track EP - Daggers Drawn
Home Produced/Bedroom recording


Let me know what you think, it's my first major attempt at recording. Used primarily REAPER. Would love to hear some feedback on the mix/production. (I'm aware there are some minor clipping issues that will be fixed tomorrow)
Thanks, Rhys.

EDIT: Clipping issues should be fixed, taken some low end rumble out of the floor toms and corrected a few levels.

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****ing wicked dude, very good production. Excellent songs.

Let me know when it's completely finished so I can download the whole EP.

The only things I noticed was the snare is a little loud in NWO, but only in apparent parts, where snare sticks out.

Otherwise, job well done.
as everyone said, wonderful production! every instrument can be heard distinctly, and i like that the vocals aren't at the front of the mix. what sort of equipment are you working with? if i had to say something constructive about the sound, it'd be that i prefer the guitar tone to be a little warmer, mainly cuz you like holding chords out with distortion in your songs.

i don't like metalcore at all, and i'm hearing some influences in the vocals and the music, but i can dig this stuff. thumbs up.
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Hey, thanks a lot for listening. Like i said, i'm fairly new to the whole recording side of music. Got a Focusrite Saffire + M1 Active 520 monitors in september. Guitars used a Krank Rev Jr. amp + bass used HA5500 amp and both went through a Gallien Krueger 410 cab. For mics we used an SM57 and a SE2200a.
Awesome! I love the Death-y tone and vocals. Whoever's the vocalist definitely has a lower Schuldnir growl As for the songs, ehhhmmm I can't really describe. Misery Signals, Cynic, and Death is the best I can make out of it. Really unique. imo there's a bit too much compression, but it's probably because it being streamed. I seriously wanna download this EP. Good stuff man. Thanks for the comment too.