What are the benefits of getting guitar lessons? If I have the money, is it worth it? Also, I was look at my local music stores, and pretty much every one said that every lesson was only half an hour. Is this a normal length of time?
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Yes, mostly a half hour for around $20. A teacher is VERY helpful. You won't always know the mistakes you are making, but the teacher should.
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Will they drastically help me improve my playing/progress me?
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If the teacher is good:
everything you are doing wrong, they'll identify that for you.
Then tell you what to do to get better.
instead of just doing what you can find on the interwebs.
that said, I don't have a teacher and play better than most of my friends who have had lessons.
Mostly because I'm more dedicated.
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Will they drastically help me improve my playing/progress me?

I guess that depends on your method when you don't have lessons but normally yes, it would.
That all seems normal.

I used to take lessons, but my Dad couldn't afford them anymore so I stopped. I don't care enough about guitar to continue them at this point, but I used to really enjoy them. I learned a lot.

Try and find a teacher that isn't just a "teacher". Most store's lessons are pretty "mechanical" and strict about the lesson plan. I believe you should look for somebody who will personalize it.
I was better than my Teacher, so I quit the people these places hire these days.

Anyway If you can find a good teacher that actually wants to help, and doesn't have a deep seeded hatred for you because you don't only cover Clapton like he does. you should be good.
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They are good. My instructor was a cool guy, and he introduced me to scales, arpeggios, chord theory, etc. That kind of stuff is a lot harder (and more boring) to learn on your own.
Starting out, most teachers will do 30 minutes wtih you, which is more than enough. Later on, you may want to consider taking a full hour, especially as the material becomes more indepth. I teach private guitar on the weekends and normally do 30 minutes per lesson. On average, prices will range from $15 per half hour on up. Expect to pay around $25 for most instructors.

As the others have mentioned, having an instructor is invaluable. We can catch your mistakes, before they become habits. We can also use different methods to help you learn difficult material. Plus, having an instructor motivates you to pick up the guitar and practice.
It depends on the instructor, but yes. I think so, anyways.

I lucked out and found an instructor who personalizes her lessons. She listens to my itunes, picks a song, figures out what the chords are then teaches me how to play it. And of course she throws in music theory, etc as we go along. It's 25 dollars for a half hour. I am brand new at guitar, so it's pretty helpful for me that she points out wrong things and right things I am doing, the best finger placement, etc. The only thing is that she says I learn faster than others so she has already started to give me barre chords. Damn you barre chords!
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i wish i had lessons for more money.
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Yea, I used to take lessons and they were for half an hour..My instructor was pretty bad though; each week he just taught me a new riff from guitar hero songs. Once, he was trying to teach me this riff but he forgot how to play it.. And at that point, I had been playing for a year and he was teaching me how to play the beginning of smoke on the water. So yea, not all teachers will help, but I probably just got unlucky
I didn't take lessons until late last year, so i have been set in a few ways and bad habits but it has helped me to identify these and hopefully someday eliminate them, and has also shown me new things.

So yeah, take lessons.

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