I'm going to be playing guitar in my schools jazz band and I don't really know how to form chords using theory. I can look at chord charts and figure them out, and I know the majors, minors, random other chords etc, but some of these jazz chords are weird to me like B 6/9, fmi11/Bb, A+7(b9),F7(#9,#5). Is there a lesson that can explain how to add in the things like a Bb or something to a chord, etc.. It gives chord charts for some of the songs, but I'm not sure how to modify the chord to get what it wants. Any help would be nice =p
Go here: http://lessons.mikedodge.com/

Read through the information in the "Intervals: 5 Part Series" link.


Read through the information in the "Chord Construction: 12 Part Series" link.

These two alone will clear up a LOT of questions for you. But read them in order as you need to know how the basic Intervals form basic chords, and why. Then you can use that information for the Chord Construction lesson to see how it's all used for every chord out there and it's 'formula'.