I currently am using a Line 6 Spider 15 15W and was wondering what would be the best amp to buy under a $400-500 dollar budget.
I use a Jackson Kelly KE-3 and a Jackson King V Professional
hey i have the same amp, i've been wanting to upgrade too
what are your styles and needs
i'm probably moving to a peavy vyper 30 or 75
Playing styles?
Anything you want specifically?
Ibanez Xiphos XPT750
ESP Ltd Viper 400
Egnater Rebel 30 112
Boss GE-7
Line 6 Uber Metal
Boss DD-7
I play Megadeth/Metallica stuff and I dont really want anything specifically I just want to upgrade because Im in a band and we might start gigging soon.
buy a peavey transtube 212 efx. Big loud and has great tone. Amd its in your price range
stalk craigslist until a used blue voodoo pops up, don't see the combos often, but sometimes you'll find one of the heads + cab for under $500. the combos routinely sell for around $300-400. Marty Friedman used to use a BV, but technically he only used the power amp and ran an external pre in. Still not a bad amp for the money and will fully suffice for gigging.