Hey, drivers of the Pit. I'm still a learning driver and am a little confused as to what I should be able to see out of my passenger's side view mirror. I know I'm supposed to see a slight sliver of the side of my car and--obviously--the road off to the side of my car. However, what am I supposed to see vertically? Am I supposed to position my mirrors such that when I'm parking I can see the curb next to my car (so that I can tell how close I am to the curb next to my car)? Like so:

The way my mirror is now, I can see the curb of the parking spot behind me. Because I can't see the curb next to my car, I have trouble judging the distance from the curb of my parked car.
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You should be able to see along the side of your car, enough that you can see your handle. You have to be able to see directly behind you at either side of the car with the mirrors, you'll eventually find the spot, just sit in the car and keep fiddling around with the mirrors.

And you'll get used to your problem; you can't see the kerb, you just have to get a feel for where your car is positioned. I'm still getting it perfect, I've been driving for nearly 4 months.
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I never really utilize the mirror on the passenger side...heck, older cars didn't even come with a passenger side mirror.
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Set it so you don't have to look to check your blind spot. You'll have to check it on your drivers test every time you change lanes, but you rarely need to.
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and seat belts suck as well. It's like not allowing natural selection to work.
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and seat belts suck as well. It's like not allowing natural selection to work.

And **** brake pedals. If I wanted to stop I wouldn't be driving, now would I?
I adjust mine so that I can see what's behind and/or to the side of me when I'm on a 4-lane, that way I know whether or not I can safely change lanes.

That's the only time I use side views anyways, so, IMO, it's the best way to have the adjusted.
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And **** brake pedals. If I wanted to stop I wouldn't be driving, now would I?

my sentiments exactly
"Swords, nature's hell sticks."- Trip Fisk
You should be able to see the road horizon about in the middle of the mirrors, although you can adjust them down for parking and manoeuvres.

As for judging the pavement, you just get better with that over time. You shouldn't be able to see the pavement behind you because it's in your blind spot, you just have to judge how much to reverse in by.
Since I can't adjust mine remotely, I have mine set so that I can see a bit of the door and only a little bit down. Use reference points if you need them to park next to a curb. When you're looking down the hood from the drivers side, you're close when the line of the curb is at about the middle of your hood.

I've also heard of adjusting your side mirrors where you angle them out from the car, eliminating the redundant part of the image that's already shown in the rear-view and showing your blind spot. I've yet to try it though.
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You want the door handle of the rear doors in the bottom corner closest to you. You end up seeing the butt of the car and down the lane either side of you. Some people like to put it further out so they can see their blind spot, but I prefer to check over my shoulder.
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my sentiments exactly

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I have a tiny bit of back end showing in the corners, the rest is far out to lanes either side. I also have a broadway mirror, so I'm sorted for rear view coverage =)
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Just enough so that you can see the children trying to run away as you reverse into their path...

But seriously make sure it's angled on the right sort of eye level with the road and be sure to have some of your car visible in the mirror.
My passenger side mirror points directly at the ground, so when I'm backing the car into a parking space I can see the lines
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When I started driving, I adjusted it so I could see the back of my car in position to the road, After about 8 months of driving I could tell almost exactly where a car is in the road. I have been driving for almost a year, and have driven in five cars(only one mine) and can tell almost exactly where I am... like when I get to the very driver's side of a parking spot sometimes.

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