That is one of the most epic songs I've heard in a while. The riff at Bar 93 is pretty sweet, i like the timing
Machine F**king Head \m/
Quote by powerwhee
thaaanks alot man i appreciate it

I'd like to hear more stuff like this
Machine F**king Head \m/
thanks bro ill try writing some more stuff in this vain...
anything you would change this is my first deathcore type song
yea the drum track is inspired by its torn away the guitar parts are completely different though
i dont like it.
sounds toooooo copied for me
yeah the parts are played different from its torn away
but its still veil of maya copied
I honestly didnt like it, sorry. I think i was too distracted by the similarities of Its Torn Away. :/
IMO it sounds better than Its Torn Away. Sure there are some similarities but who gives a ****.
You completely ripped off It's Torn Away. The song follows pretty much all of the same tempo changes, the drums are pretty much copied and pasted and you barley even changed the guitar parts that you stole.