I mostly play Indie-rock type stuff (like Modest Mouse, Built To Spill, etc) but I occasionally play some metal (like Iron Maiden, Metallica, etc) and I'm looking for a new guitar. Right now I have a Epiphone SG-special and could use a new guitar. Looking to save up money for a new guitar (or maybe get it as a Christmas gift though that's a long ways away), so something in like the $500 price range? Thanks.
You can probably find a decent Epiphone or maybe even Fender for $500 if you are willing to buy used... Look around on craigslist, kijiji, ebay..the list goes on.
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I've found the MIM Fenders to be really great for the money. Doesn't the lead guitarist of Iron Maiden use a strat?

best no-name brand on the market IMO

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I have had an Ibanez rg3ex ($350) for 3 years and its held up well. looks amazing. sounds good. More on the metallica side but can do other styles pretty well. I have the craptastic emg "designed" Ibanez stock pickups but the ones they got in them now are supposibly better.
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best no-name brand on the market IMO

Any specific guitars there that you'd recommend?
You can get any Agile AL series guitar for cheap from Rondo Music. If you're a fan of Les Paul style guitars, look into them. There's difference specs for each model, but if you're looking for a great deal for really cheap, look at the Agile AL-2000.


There's other colors available. It looks like the AL series start on page 6 of the Rondo Music website. You can get a hard case and an AL-2000 for 300 dollars, or even get a better model if you want to spend more, but the AL-2000 is a, excellent guitar.

Here's the spec comparison chart for all available AL series LPs. If the AL-2000 specs don't strike you, look down the list and I guarantee you'll find something that does.


I highly recommend this company. Great customer service, quality, and price.
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The only issue I've found with the Agile LPs is that some people don't like the stock pickups, but it's no problem to upgrade to something you're comfortable with. Mahogany body LPs can take a wide selection of pickups for different tones. Great, versatile guitars. You'll definitely become of the company. If you have anymore questions directly about Agiles, come over to the Agile Guitar Forum for more information. You can also find good deals on used and b-stock guitars.

I just ordered a 7 string interceptor pro from rondo

I bought a 3100 for my dad last chrismas. Awesome guitar!
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chalk another vote up to agile/rondo music for me...great guitars. I have 4 Agiles...and will likely buy more in the future