I don't do it too often, but I can crack the right and left side of my jaw, neck, right collar, both elbows. 10 knuckles, 8 fingers, spine, both knees, top of the left ankle, and ten toes.

It all adds up to 38. How about you?
Can crack my neck 7-8 times in a row every 2-3 hours, beat that, TS.
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Can crack my neck 7-8 times in a row every 2-3 hours, beat that, TS.

That just counts as one
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Can crack my neck 7-8 times in a row every 2-3 hours, beat that, TS.

I can crack my left wrist infinitely
All my fingers and toes, wrists, ankles, knees, sometimes elbows and several vertebrae.
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i think this is my favorite post of the day

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Awesome, dude, just awesome.
I can crack every one of your bones if you were asleep and I had a baseball bat. So 206
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my fingers.
With aid from a sledge hammer, Quite a significantly larger amount, before passing out.
Oh, and if you include mornings, all figures are tripled.
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jaw, neck, each finger twice, all 10 toes, both wrists, ankles, back, ears (dont ask), elbows. Total = 40
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December 14, 2017
Toes, ankles, back and neck. I can crack my fingers, but I don't particularly enjoy that.
Lol, I think you guys don't realize that cracking the same part of your body counts as one ...
All ten knuckles, eight from the digits, all ten toes and their digits, mah back, my neck (only in one direction, though), jaw on the left side, occasionally both wrists, and I can crack my right shoulder so hard people standing 10 feet away tend to turn and stare (not exaggerating).
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Somewhere in the region of 24...?
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7 vertebrae, 5 separate neck joints, elbows, knees, both wrists and ankles, both knuckles in all my fingers, all my toes, occasionally both jaw joints. Adds up to 42.
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the 28 joints on my hands/fingers, both wrists, the elbows (occasionally), 2 or 3 in the neck, 3 or 4 a bit further down, my big toes (on their own) and the little ones if I use my hands.

so around about 40 odd.

EDIT: apparently my knees can now click if I sit in this position for more than 2 minutes.
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Gunpowder FUCKING ROCKS!!!!!

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Gunpowder you fucking rock!!

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Two parts on all of my fingers, two parts of my thumb... and both my testicles... and my penis.
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I can crack my neck, a few of my fingers and sometimes I can crack a whole lotta joints in my back all at once.
Pretty much all of them. Training Muay Thai for three years has ****ed up all of my joints. Wrists, fingers, ankles, knees, hips, elbows, shoulders, neck, back...
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I can crack my left wrist infinitely

Me too, both of them.

You know that episode of The Simpsons where Bart says he's written lines on the board so many times that when he twists his wrist it sounds like a cement mixer? I can do that, with both my wrists.

I don't think its a good thing.




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My God, this must be the smartest/greatest guy ever.
Ever since I've been on accutane I can't even move my joints much less pop them =[
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I can crack my neck by bending it sideways and by rotating it, and I can crack my back in 4 different ways, even just by flexing.
8 fingers, 2 knuckles, neck, 2 knees, 6 toes, 2 elbows (that one is weird, i sort of tense my biceps then pull my arm down so its flat), 2 ankles, spine. So ~ 24, might be some I missed out.
Intentionally- My thumbs and fingers and toes

Unintentionally- My knees, back, elbows, wrists and anything else thats able to crack really.
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So it is written.
Both wrists any time i want, My neck, Both sides of my jaw, every finger twice, Every toe, both elbows. so about 37.
30 in my hands, occasionally my shoulders, elbows and wrists, neck about 8 vertebrae, back I dont know how many, around 15-20, both knees, about 10 in my toes.
So a lot.
Pretty much everything. The 30 in my hands, both wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. All of the vertebrae in my back (except sometimes I need help with a couple) and neck, and all the joints of my toes. so like...... a shit ton. I scare people sometimes with it.
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I can crack my fingers in two different spots (20)
I can crack my toes (10)
I can crack wrists nonstop (2)
I can crack my neck (1)
I can crack my elbows (2)
I can crack my ankles (2)
I can crack my back (1)

So that's 38 different cracks.