The collective effort of ex and current drunks and addicts. We write songs about our experiences in life and look to our selfs, friends and others for inspration. In short, our guitarist wrote this song after he got drunk and attacked his brother with a machette over a plate of nachos. It's called, I'm that Guy. You can find it here or at myspace. This was an off the floor recording, I just got an analog studio on the go so there will be more to come, much more.

This was also our drummers frist jam with us. Thank god we're rather popular in town and he had heard us plenty of times before.

Tracks are up. We're waiting for the singer to get into the studio and do his tracks for the demo. Even better recorindings coming.

All recorded analog, then transfured to digital.

Razor Sharp Reactions
Stand Up, Fight Back
**** T.V
Smells Like Chlamydia
I'm That Guy
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uh, what happened to the guy's brother? the nachos? and where the hell did you get a machete?
He ran out of the house, the machette was sold for drugs, and we ate the nachos. They we're ****ing good. Best part of that story, we had just conviced his brother to join our band as the rythme guitarist 2 hours before. Shortest amount of time anyone's spent in The Throbbing Veins. And that's not even the best story.
Even more recordings. A Shitty Free Demo. It's not the greatest, but it's free. We haven't got the vocals done yet but those are coming. Possibly by the end of today if the guitarist gets into the studio today.