So i have a vypyr , i love the amp but i think it could benefit a speaker change as the factory one doesnt have any low end in it .

IM into punk rock and metal anbd palmuting stuff palmmuting stuff , and i know speaker are a big part of the sound .

the emulation are decent but it seem like the speaker totally suck for it .

- 1. Has anyone change the speaker on the vypyr ? im thinking about a vintage 30 .

- 2. since these speaker are wrote has Custom voice for vypyr . does a speaker swap change the whole emulation .??? am i ognna screw up the sound by using a regular guitar speaker ??

the vypyr 30 is great but im pretty sure a better speaker would help . iat 199 $ dollars they didnt put a top quality speaker that worth 120 $ in it for sure .

your thought ???
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I'm sure you could, it's just removing two connection on the speaker, then just swaping them out.

The Vintage 30's will give you more mid range bite.
The Celestions G12's will give you more low end, but will sound mid scooped.

The Emenience Man O War might be a better option for you, since it has good low end and has a good mid range.