I don't know much about poetry but all the stuff i'm finding online seems to be short stories with no real form or flow imo.. I'm looking for the type of poem formwise or whatever it was for all along the watchtower.. Stuff like that y'know? Tricky to explain but hopefully someone gets my insommnia fueled rant.

tldr- thread title will sum it up
You could always write some of your own. That way it will be exactly what you're looking for.
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Oh, it's more for the inspiration and ideas rather than copying it word for word aswell as looking at developing my musical skill s if i were to play it word for word

write something of your own
so you know, it'll be something of your own?

better yet
make it instrumental!
Write down a bunch of words you like.
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Write something of your own. If you take someone else's poetry... you will need to ask permission before recording it anyways... so its really a moot point unless you know the person and can ask them.

Also, please read the rules. This forum is for the posting of original works only. Thanks.