So, yesterday I got a Marshall JCM 900 1960A cab for $250.

Its in decent condition for being 10-20 years old, but if definitely has "character":

And a family shot (notice Led Zeppelin IV on the floor and the homemade guitar stand):

Its definitely an improvement over the Vox Vt 15 I was using as a cabinet before. Celestion G12T 75s, made in the 90's. It definitely adds chunk and fullness to my tone. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard how much cleaner and natural my cleans were. Still not Fender-ish though, they still have a distinct Marshall sound.

The crunch is, of course, much more epic. I can get a scarily convincing Van Halen/ AC/DC /Led Zeppelin sort of tone. With my Viper I can even get half decent br00z4lz t04nz.

I can only imagine what it will sound like when I get brave enough to turn it past 1.

Clips will be posted once I learn how to play guitar.

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