Searched a bit on here but, can anyone explain to me how Matt Bellamy's Kaoss pad works on his guitar (or how it works in general). Saw a Kaoss pad for a good price at a store and I want to see what I can do with it onboard a guitar a la Muse
Honestly, it's a giant pain in the ass. You need to have the bottom half of your guitar routed out, then it takes a separate cable out to the half of the Kaoss pad that you didn't mount in your guitar. I looked into it, but it's not really worth it. But the pad itself is basically just touch sensitive and has two programmed effects, one for when you move vertically, and one for horizontally. So when you move it corner to corner it increases/decreases two separate effects, I think Matt normally uses wah and whammy (I know the whammy for sure). That's the basic jist of it
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im not 100% here, but i would of thought the kaos pad would of just been connected via midi to his rack, controlling effects parameters from it, not having 'on board' effects. like i said, i could be wrong.

edit: just read your post a bit more thoroughly and it seems you know this already.
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He has the Kaoss pad in his rack system. The plate below his bridge (on the guitars with it mounted) is an X-Y midi control pad that he uses. That's connected by midi to the pad which is how it works. It's a pain in the arse, because you need both an instrument and a midi cable running from your guitar in order for it to work.

On the bomber manson he has a midi control strip from a keyboard that he uses to control his whammy (best seen on Hullabaloo before In Your World).