Hey I am Keegan and I have been playing guitar for 2 years now....I am starting to pick up a lot of stuff, but I am having trouble with trying to write a song......I have always wanted to write my own music....It would be great to have some up....Me and my buddies have been getting together and playing lots of music....when I get the chance I will record a few of the songs and post them....Plz comment and give ideas for a song....I would really appreciate any help I get....
well look into some different aspects of songwriting.....if you want a lyric driven song write a poem and put a melody to it.....if you are wanting a music/guitar driven song....maybe come up witha riff or two and then get a chord proggression and a vocal melody that go with those riffs.....then write lyrics...but there is no set way to do it.

but look into some music theory, basic chord relationships and how they interact will help a ton, and maybe look into scales and modes and how they function over chords.
Also listen to as many types of music as you can and find ways to incorporate the things you like in different styles into a song.....if you like a classical piano piece....figure out how to play it on guitar....than try and create your own pianolike riff with your new found writing style.....and just build everthying up like that.

I know its a lot of info and take it or leave it but this is stuff that really helped me kickstart writing
This is a G chord....i used to be in a cranberries tribute band.